Friday, December 26, 2008

It's Over!

The holiday madness is now behind us. Thank goodness! After having what is quite possibly the worst Christmas ever, I am glad to see it over. I'm taking down my decorations starting today. After that, I'm back on track for food storage and home redecoration.

My big project is the living room. It's all dark panelling, and really absorbs what natural light we get from the windows. Which is a real shame, because it opens out onto a great sunporch that is loaded with windows. I want to wash down the panelling, prime and seal it, then paint it a soft color that will reflect the light and open up the space a bit. I'd LOVE to put a larger window in, or remove the front wall altogether and insulate the porch. The conversation with the landlord over that one should be interesting. If I can make the sunporch usable year round, he might just go for it. It would make such a bright and airy space, but still feel cozy in the winter. We'll see how it goes.

As for my food storage? I am starting from scratch there too. There is NOTHING in my pantry now. I even need the basics, like flour and salt and such. I'm hoping to start rebuilding my pantry, beginning in January. If one or the other of us can get work, it will be easier, but it is still possible, even on unemployment. I'll be revamping the cabinets in the kitchen to organize the food. I think that the shelves in closet A can be moved and have more added so that I can use one side of that for a good pantry.

One thing I'm getting next month? Space bags. I'm putting up all the off-season clothing into the top of my bedroom closet, and this will make it much easier to do.

What are you doing to reorganize your home over the winter? Are you seriously considering starting your food storage yet? Have you looked at the state of the economy and cringed yet? Get started, girl. The world won't wait for you to get on board. When TSHTF, will you be ready? A crisis can be anything, even the loss of an income. Are you ready? I wasn't, even when I thought I was. Look closely at the past year, project for next year and make your list. Resolutions be dammed-it's time for some serious life changes!