Monday, November 3, 2008

Why is it so hard to give something away?

For instance: I offered a twin bed to a friend whose child is sleeping on the floor. I sent the offer thru her mother, who is my dearest friend. Her daughter asked how much I was charging her mom for the bed and could not believe it when she was told that I wasn't charging her at all. Don't people get it?

About 2 weeks ago, I posted an offer for an entire living room suit on the local freecycle boards. I've gotten tons of requests for this furniture. Some want me to deliver it, which I cannot do. (no truck any more) Others have come, looked at it and decided against it. That's fine, it's their choice. However, the most recent has been the young person who showed up, needed a bigger truck and said they would be back in a few hours. Then they sent me an email saying they would be here the next day instead. Then they didn't show up at all, and asked me to hold the furniture for another week.

During this week, I did not have room in my home to finish moving out of my old place. I STILL have stuff over there waiting to be moved. However, I have much less, as I have had at least 3 robberies there over the last week.

This person was supposed to be here Saturday. I sent multiple emails asking for a time frame, so that I could get other things done this weekend, but got no responses. Saturday came and went with no sign of them. Sunday morning, I got an email claiming yet another "emergence" and that they would be here after 2 pm. I waited again, all day, without doing what I needed done away from the home. They never showed!!! They continue to tell me how desperately they need this furniture, but then continue to be rude and inconsiderate about my time and needs. They have been given both cell phone numbers, and have not called one time to offer an explanation or reschedule or anything.

Why is it that common curtesy has fallen by the wayside? Why is it so hard to give something away? This is nice furniture, it all matches, and it's comfortable. It IS in need of shampooing, as it was in storage for a long time. I like it very much. It is just too large for my apartment. It barely fits through the door frames, and it takes up way too much space. Offering it to someone who has nothing should have been easy, not a chore. When someone is giving you something, and giving up their plans and time to help you get it, it would be nice if you would at least call and let them know you are not coming that day.

I have now wasted 10 days waiting around for these people. I've been robbed of time and belongings. My blood pressure is through the roof over the stress of not being completely moved out of my old home. There are many things that I need to do over there before the snow begins to accumulate. The holiday season was not when I planned to start. Now, I'm going to be charged yet another month of rent over there because these people have dicked around for so long. So there is even MORE money out of my pocket. This free furniture is starting to become very expensive.

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