Monday, November 10, 2008

Yarn, and the serious lack thereof

As I've mentioned before, our trailer was recently robbed. 4 times. In one trip, the thieves stole my yarn stash tote. In the tote were about 40 skeins of yarn, a few balls of yarn and several completed Christmas gifts. I think I have managed to replace most of the gifts. However, I'm still missing the yarn. Alot. I started a purse last night and ran out of yarn after 10 rows. I know that tote had 3 more skeins of that color in it. Now I have to go to WalMart to buy more yarn in a color that I should have plenty of! I'm frustrated and angry and I want more yarn!!!

That's all I want for Christmas. Yarn, hooks and more yarn! Gift cards to craft stores. A gift certificate for Smiley's Yarns online sale would make me ecstatic! They have a minimum $50 order, but right now they have Bernat Galaxy yarn for 77 cents! They have Lion Brand suede at 65% off. I could quite easily spend $50 on that site. Even an Ebay gift certificate would be great. There are some wonderful handpainted wools on there that I want to play with.

I'm re-purposing the old linen closet for yarn storage in my craft room. (Formerly known as the sun porch. It's mine. Don't even THINK about putting your stuff out there.) I'm going to put a comfy chair out there, and a small side table, and LOTS AND LOTS of yarn. Then I'm taking a pot of coffee out there and I'm not coming out until my hands hurt from too much crochet. I want my yarn back!

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