Friday, November 14, 2008

Hand made Christmas

This year, in the interest of frugality, we are trying to do a totally home made Christmas. As usual, we will not hit the mark, but we are getting closer! I've made several purses and tote bags as gifts, as well as started on hat and scarf sets for my grandchildren. Mittens and slippers will round out their home made items. Yesterday, I finished the hat and scarf set for Angela. I'd love to make her a pair of mittens to match! Since her favorite color is purple, her set is done in lavender, with white trim on the scarf and white spirals hanging from the top of the hat. It sort of looks like a ponytail on the hat! I still have to trim the hat brim for her, then connect them at the collar, so they don't get lost. I'll need more yarn to do her mittens, but I'm going yarn shopping this weekend anyway. I need about6 skeins of yarn and a mitten loom. And that still doesn't do the boys. It only does the girls, and finishes a purse. (note to self-buy 2 zippers for purses, and some buttons for kitchen accessory set)

I still have more canning and baking to do to complete our home made Christmas. As usual, there will be some shopping done, for stocking stuffers, toys for the grandbabies, etc. I'm even thinking of getting a few board games while they are on sale. We always need more of them!

In spite of everything, there are still a few people whom I have no idea what to make or buy for them. One son in law says he doesn't want anything. The other doesn't need anything! How on earth do you shop for people like this? I'm thinking that they both need good wool slippers. I have no other ideas, other than tools. Which I gave one of them last year!

I'm sure it will come to me. I just have to stop worrying so much.

I'm also participating in a Holiday RAOK program on Crochetville. I've seen several wishes I want to grant. Christmas cards are the easiest, as well as a few items I have in my Christmas stash that I can share.

I love this kind of Christmas. I'm already working on a few ideas for next year. With any luck at all, every gift I give next year will be one made by my very own hands.

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Diana R.Smith said...

What is a mitten loom???? I just knit mine on four needles 'cause I like to be done when done knitting....hate to sew stuff up! DEE